The Deck

Fifth Spirit Tarot is my hand-drawn deck, currently in creation, that reimagines traditional tarot cards in a queer-inclusive and trauma-informed light. Each image is a weaving of channeled symbolism, the natural elements, archetypal memory, the metaphorical language of objects, and personal experience. Fifth Spirit is whimsical and raw, supportive and blunt, liminal and universal. It knows that light never comes without its shadows and that duality is an illusion. Fifth Spirit Tarot is born of the philosophy that the hard times are just as important as the good, that we are creatures of contradiction, and that our spirits are manifold. It’s as queer as I am and aims to be inclusive of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ability.

Fifth Spirit came to me at the beginning of February 2019, after a solo ritual on the Aquarius new moon, but I was being prepared for it long before that. This deck is the new life born of a long string of tiny deaths. It’s forged of doubt and questioning, elation and reckless trust, panic attacks and PTSD. It’s made of grief and love, hope and stubbornness, healing and fierce survival. It is testament to not just surviving, but surviving and THRIVING.​

Its purpose in this world is to help you do the same.