New Moon in Libra: Tip the Scales

Last week on Instagram, I wrote about how current events have triggered old traumas in me, how they keep rising up in front of me on waves of despair and rage, and so many of you shared that you’re experiencing the same. Also last week, my partner ran into another one of the many bureaucratic … Continue reading New Moon in Libra: Tip the Scales

The Star: Hope Hurts

After the Tower falls: what next? The Star is well known as a card of hope, calm, and healing after emotional turmoil. I have a special relationship to it as the card of Aquarius (my sun sign) and as corresponding to my favorite number, 17 (which is also my date of birth). The Star has … Continue reading The Star: Hope Hurts

Dealing with the Devil: an Interpretation & Spread

The Devil card in the Tarot does not take away our power. It invites us to claim our power, to take it back, for our betterment.