New Moon in Gemini: Reflecting Self-Worth

  On this new moon in Gemini, we burn off the mental fog. We clear the air by verbalizing our needs. We honor our contradictions. We take a look in the mirror, see past the distortions, and love what we find reflected back at us. Or, if we have a hard time loving what we … Continue reading New Moon in Gemini: Reflecting Self-Worth

Tarot spread for Ostara (Spring Equinox)

Happy equinox, friends! Today, the light and the dark stand in equal balance, in cosmic harmony. The sun rises directly due East and sets due West. The sun appears to travel across the sky in a straight line rather than a curve. The Earth's poles point neither towards nor away from the sun. Today is the … Continue reading Tarot spread for Ostara (Spring Equinox)