New Moon in Scorpio: Constantly Becoming

Today, the moon is new in Scorpio, offering an invitation to get intentional about our work of becoming. We’re always evolving, always transforming. The cells of our bodies are constantly dying and regenerating. We are constantly rebirthing. In the world outside of our bodies, we can choose to partner with our own transformation, usher in … Continue reading New Moon in Scorpio: Constantly Becoming

Samhain: a Lineage of Spirit

All Hallows Eve, Samhain, All Saints Day, Day of the Dead, Halloween. Today has many different names in many different traditions, but they all have something essential in common. Today, we honor the cycle. Today, we embrace the dark. Today, we celebrate the dead. I revere today as Samhain (pronounced sow-in), the ancient Celtic festival … Continue reading Samhain: a Lineage of Spirit

Full Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius: Showing Up for Collective Healing

Friends, total eclipses are always potent, but this Friday’s full lunar eclipse has the potential to open a portal to a new way of being, as individuals and as a collective. Today, we are invited to review how we are showing up for ourselves and for the global community. We are asked to release the … Continue reading Full Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius: Showing Up for Collective Healing

The Star: Hope Hurts

After the Tower falls: what next? The Star is well known as a card of hope, calm, and healing after emotional turmoil. I have a special relationship to it as the card of Aquarius (my sun sign) and as corresponding to my favorite number, 17 (which is also my date of birth). The Star has … Continue reading The Star: Hope Hurts