Full Lunar Eclipse in Leo: forged in your own fire

Tonight’s total lunar eclipse in Leo caps off the last of the Leo-Aquarius eclipses that began back in 2016. Leo moons always have a full-hearted feel to them, but this one is extra celebratory as it marks the fulfillment of the growth cycle that we’ve been on in the last two-plus years, one characterized by … Continue reading Full Lunar Eclipse in Leo: forged in your own fire

Dealing with the Devil: an Interpretation & Spread

The Devil card in the Tarot does not take away our power. It invites us to claim our power, to take it back, for our betterment.


Oof. Aries doesn't fuck around, you guys. My new moon + mercury direct reading (see my last post for details) laid it out r a w and triggered an impromptu blog post/treatise on the hustle, how glorified it is, and how much it f*cking sucks. You ask Aries how to be a boss? Aries tells … Continue reading F*CK THE HUSTLE

Full Moon in Libra Tarot Spread

Libra is the cosmic balancer, ruler of the tarot card Justice. It brings harmony, fairness, equality, diplomacy. And if you're riding my energy wave this month (this year, this lifetime), you're feeling allll sorts of unbalanced right now. Shit's been real recently, with the cosmos throwing things at us right and left so we can … Continue reading Full Moon in Libra Tarot Spread

Year Ahead Tarot Spread

It's almost New Year's Eve, and you know what that means! Time to stay up late, drink something fizzy, and dive deep into an intuitive exploration of the energies and soul work coming at ya in 2018. As January 1st approaches, some readers like to pull a theme card for the year ahead and a … Continue reading Year Ahead Tarot Spread