This Resource page is an effort to connect Tarot practitioners, witches, healers, and other denizens of the world of woo to the information, resources, perspectives, and community we all need. All of this is a work in progress, and I’m adding things as I find them. I am also not an authority, so please understand that the books, websites, resources, etc., I recommend here are by no means the best or the only resources you need. I also only include material here that I have personally used and/or vetted or that I have written myself, in order to maintain the integrity of these listings. I sincerely hope you find this of service. ❤


Queer Witch Resource Guide

Books, websites, podcasts, and more, for the Queer witch, tarot reader, and all the magickal AF folk out there.

A Tarot Bibliography

Cause you know you wanna learn.


More coming soon . . .