1-Card Monthly Guidance


Inspired by the energy of The Star, the beacon of hope in the dark, I’m offering a limited number of monthly 1-card reading subscriptions! These readings are aimed toward helping you navigate each month with alignment, awareness, and a hopeful heart. At the start of the month, I’ll pull a card for you to provide a personal guiding light through the weeks ahead. The subscription basis allows us to build a relationship and track the continual narrative revealed through the cards month-to-month! The reading of at least 200 words (usually more like 800, who am I kidding) is delivered by email by the 5th of each month.

I’m offering these recurring monthly readings through my Patreon page to members of “The Light” tier ($17), and there are a limited number available! By subscribing, you’ll also have access to all my Patreon content, including collective readings, free downloads of my workbooks, astrology and tarot extras, and more.

Sign up by the 1st of the month to receive your card for the month ahead! (If you sign up after the 1st, please understand that your subscription will start the following month.)

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