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Tarot isn’t fortune-telling. It doesn’t predict the future. Instead, Tarot is a doorway into self-discovery.

Every reading is a narrative that tells us the story of our selves, uncovering how our pasts have shaped us, illuminating the path we are currently walking, and hinting at our likely trajectory. Tarot is the fulcrum where the past and future meet, providing us with a deeply valuable portal into investigating the Now. It gives us the tools to investigate our wants and fears, our choices and behaviors, our healing and our potential.

So Tarot isn’t about fate. It’s entirely about autonomy. It’s about harnessing our incredible power to direct our own destinies through healing, introspection, growth, and change.

All the Tarot asks is that we approach it with an open mind and a willingness to be active participants in forming our own fates.