Book a Year Ahead Reading

To reserve your Year Ahead reading, please fill out the form below and submit payment. If you have any background information about your circumstances, what you’re working toward, goals you want to manifest in the next year, etc., that you’d like to share with me in advance of our meeting, please share it in the Intake Form below. If you don’t, that’s fine too! We can do a general reading for overall outlook and guidance.

I will be in touch via email shortly to schedule the time and date of the reading with you, set video chat details, etc. Please note that I only take a limited number of clients per week, so it’s possible that I may not be able to meet with you immediately. If you’d like to check my availability first, just send me an email through my Contact page and I’ll be happy to tell you what my week looks like. However, I will require payment before holding your spot.

Before booking, please see my reading policies and ethics. Must be 18 years or older to order a Tarot reading.

I look forward to serving you!


Year Ahead Reading

Year Ahead Tarot Reading, local (in-person) or distance (via video chat). I’ll be in touch shortly to confirm your reading. You will receive a receipt from PayPal and a scheduling email from me to follow. Please be sure to fill out the Intake Form below, as well. If you're purchasing this reading for a friend, please mention that in the Intake Form, and you and I will work out the details of how you'd like them to receive your gift. Thank you!




Disclosure Statement: You should not rely on a tarot reading to make any decision that would affect your legal, financial, or medical condition. If your inquiry involves the law, finance, or medicine, then you should seek the advice of a licensed or qualified legal, financial, or medical professional. Also, tarot reading cannot replace qualified mental health care. In certain jurisdictions, a tarot professional is required to disclose to you to a certified professional for that case. Tarot readings should be for personal spiritual development purposes only. Your tarot professional is bound by a self-imposed code of ethics, which can be provided to you upon request.