About the Word Witch

The Word Witch is Claire Burgess (they/them), a queer and nonbinary tarot reader, educator, illustrator, writer, podcaster, and witch. Claire is the creator of Fifth Spirit Tarot, a trauma-informed tarot deck for queers, outsiders, survivors, and anyone striving to not just survive, but also thrive. They’re also the host of The Word Witch, a podcast about tarot, astrology, magic, and belief made especially for queer folx and others making magick from the margins. In all of their offerings, Claire approaches tarot through an intersectional, non-patriarchal, queer lens, and they are passionate about sharing the tool of tarot with whoever wants to learn.

Born and raised in the deep south, Claire now lives in Portland, OR, where they read by appointment and teach tarot classes at shops at Portland Community College. They’ve written two mini-guides to tarot: a 36-page workbook on the Major Arcana and a 12-page zine on the Minor Arcana, both of which are available as free downloads to their Patreon community. Claire is in the process of expanding these guides and hopes to offer them in both print and ePub soon.

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