Tarot doesn’t predict your future. Instead, Tarot allows you to create your future. It’s a tool for autonomy and empowerment, for tapping into our soul knowledge, for self-directing our own destinies. All Tarot asks is that we approach it with an open mind and a willingness to be active participants in forming our fates.

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About the Word Witch

IMG_8786Hi, I’m Claire (she/they). I’m not a psychic. I don’t predict the future. Instead, I practice Tarot as a doorway into self-discovery, into uncovering the deep knowledge each of us already holds within about our dreams and fears, our blocks and passions, our desires and our potential. I read Tarot as a narrative that tells us the story of our selves, that uncovers how our pasts have shaped us and illuminates the path we are currently walking. If the destination is an undesirable one, the cards can provide us with powerful insights into how we can take control of the present to redirect that path into a better outcome. Tarot is entirely about our autonomy, the incredible power each of us has to direct our destinies through healing, introspection, growth, and change. All it asks is that we approach it with an open mind and a willingness to be active participants in forming our fates. More >>

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Tarot Summer School, 2018

Thursdays, June 21st – July 12th | 7pm – 9pm
∇ Workshop Vintage | 4011 N Williams Ave | Portland, OR 97227

What is Tarot? It’s a system of divination, yes, but more than predicting the future, the Tarot’s real power is in helping us figure out the present. Many of us are so future-obsessed, always wanting to know what’s going to happen to us, when we’ll find true love, whether this career is leading anywhere, etc. etc. etc. But the tools for actuating those desired futures are right here, in the present. The Tarot provides us with a deeply valuable portal into investigating the Now, clarifying our desires and how to get them, uncovering our bullshit and how we get in our own ways, teasing out old wounds and offering medicine for our healing. By paying attention to the present, by doing the work that calls to be done, by consciously participating in our own lives, this is how we reach those goals and dreams.

Tarot Summer School is a 4-week Tarot immersion series rooted in this present-centered model of conscious practice. Taught by Claire Burgess (me!) of The Word Witch Tarot, these conversational and interactive workshops will develop your relationship to all 78 cards from a non-patriarchal, queer-centered approach. From the Major & Minor Arcanum to reading Reversals and Spreads, this intensive will deepen your understanding of the Tarot’s capacity to uncover self-knowledge, catalyze healing, and cultivate an empowered and self-directed life.

No experience is necessary. Please bring your deck if you have one. For those who don’t, there will be a limited number of decks available for your use during the workshop. While these workshops will primarily reference Smith-Waite/Rider-Waite imagery, you should bring whatever deck most calls to you!

This 4-class series is intended to be taken as a whole, with each workshop covering a different area of the Tarot and building on the last. However, individual workshops are self-contained enough for those who feel called to register for only one or two workshops.

Individual Workshops: $45

Full Series: $140 ($40 in savings)

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Full Moon in Scorpio: Healing through Transformation

Scorpio is transformation. It’s the snake shedding its skin. It’s shadow work and breaking negative cycles. It’s healing, such profound healing, and not in the soft, slow, nurturing way. Other water signs give you hot soup and cough syrup when you’re sick. Scorpio gives you ipecac. This healing is the PURGE, friends. These are the … Continue reading Full Moon in Scorpio: Healing through Transformation