Tarot doesn’t predict the future. It allows us to create it.

The Word Witch Tarot offers tarot readings and classes, tarot spreads for the moon cycles, a free monthly podcast, and is currently creating a tarot deck.

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The Word Witch Podcast

The Word Witch is a podcast for the modern magical soul. In each episode, queer witch Claire Burgess (they/she) explores tarot, astrology, spirituality, and more through conversations with folks making magick from the margins.

The Word Witch is produced, written, and recorded by Claire Burgess. Editing and tech support come from Danu Vino. Our logo is designed by Claire Burgess.

Our theme music is “Counting Rice” by Bitches in the Beehive. Their album, Itty Bitty Spaces is available now on Spotify, iTunes, and Bandcamp.

The Word Witch Podcast is a production of The Word Witch Tarot. It’s supported by members on Patreon. If you’d like to to lend support, join the community today!

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The Deck

Fifth Spirit Tarot is my hand-drawn deck, currently in creation, that reimagines traditional tarot cards in a queer-inclusive and trauma-informed light. Each image is a weaving of channeled symbolism, the natural elements, archetypal memory, the metaphorical language of objects, and personal experience. Fifth Spirit is whimsical and raw, supportive and blunt, liminal and universal. It knows that light never comes without its shadows and that duality is an illusion. Fifth Spirit Tarot is born of the philosophy that the hard times are just as important as the good, that we are creatures of contradiction, and that our spirits are manifold. It’s as queer as I am and aims to be inclusive of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ability.

Fifth Spirit came to me at the beginning of February 2019, after a solo ritual on the Aquarius new moon, but I was being prepared for it long before that. This deck is the new life born of a long string of tiny deaths. It’s forged of doubt and questioning, elation and reckless trust, panic attacks and PTSD. It’s made of grief and love, hope and stubbornness, healing and fierce survival. It is testament to not just surviving, but surviving and THRIVING.​

Its purpose in this world is to help you do the same.

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The mysterious tarot: a 5-hour workshop

Saturday, July 20th |  11am-3:50pm  |  Portland Community College, Cascade |  $39 + $2.50 materials fee

Learn the history and practical use of the Tarot, a divination system of 78 cards steeped in mysterious imagery, ancient symbolism, and centuries of misinformation. In this one-day workshop, we’ll debunk the fictions and fears and discover how to use Tarot as a tool for self-knowledge and personal development. We’ll address the history of Tarot and gain a practical acquaintance with the Major and Minor Arcanum, including an introduction to reading Tarot spreads for yourself. For beginner Tarot students. No prior knowledge of Tarot required. Bring a deck if you have one. We will have a 30-minute lunch break, so bring a lunch if you’d like.

This is the only tarot class I’ll be offering this summer! My 4-week class will return in the fall.

Registration opens May 20th!

Non-credit community education classes are open to anyone. Use this CRN (course registration number) when signing up: 16810

Tarot: The Art and Skill of Intuitive Reading

Thursdays, May 2 – May 23  |  6:30pm-8:20pm  |  Portland Community College, Cascade |  $55 + $2.50 materials fee

In this four-week class, we’ll learn to read Tarot as a narrative through archetypes, the elements, and numerology. We’ll explore the Major Arcana through the Fool’s Journey, the Minor Arcana through elemental and numerological correspondences, and the Court Cards through elemental dignities and personality archetypes. Designed to deepen and evolve your relationship to Tarot and to yourself, this course will focus on reading the cards intuitively and analytically as a personal practice for self-awareness and development. This class is appropriate for beginner to intermediate tarot students, but we move fast so it’s best to have some existing knowledge of Tarot. Please bring a deck, Smith-Waite or Rider-Waite recommended. 

This class will return in Fall 2019.

Registration closed! 

Non-credit community education classes are open to anyone. Use this CRN (course registration number) when signing up: 16837

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About the Word Witch

The Word Witch is Claire Burgess (they/them), a queer and nonbinary tarot reader, educator, illustrator, writer, podcaster, and witch. Claire is the creator of Fifth Spirit Tarot, a trauma-informed tarot deck for queers, outsiders, survivors, and anyone striving to not just survive, but also thrive. They’re also the host of The Word Witch, a podcast about tarot, astrology, magic, and belief made especially for queer folx and others making magick from the margins. In all of their offerings, Claire approaches tarot through an intersectional, non-patriarchal, queer lens, and they are passionate about sharing the tool of tarot with whoever wants to learn.

Born and raised in the deep south, Claire now lives in Portland, OR, where they read by appointment and teach tarot classes at shops at Portland Community College. They’ve written two mini-guides to tarot: a 36-page workbook on the Major Arcana and a 12-page zine on the Minor Arcana, both of which are available as free downloads to their Patreon community. Claire is in the process of expanding these guides and hopes to offer them in both print and ePub soon.

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